Wear your pride on your wrist of being a survivor! Catch everyone's attention and show them you're a fighter with this cancer survivor bracelet. This specific bracelet is for breast cancer and was designed for a survivor close to my heart. The awareness ribbons have "survivor" on the opposite side. Made from pewter and silver-filled* beads and clasp and highlighted with Swarovski crystals. Also available with a multitude of colors and words other than "love" if you want to wear it in honor of a survivor. Contact me with what awareness you are supporting and I can give you an option of shades of colors available.

Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Word options instead of "love"
  • *Silver-filled

    The silver-filled items I use are made by bonding a thick durable outer layer of .925 sterling silver to a copper-alloy core. It is completed with an anti-tarnish coating to preserve the beauty. I use these to keep items affordable without sacrificing quality. Silver-filled items handle like sterling silver and should not be confused with silver plated items, which has an extremely thin layer of silver coating and is prone to chipping or flaking.

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