I'd like to introduce another Native American artisan, Jim Blose, who specializes in moccasins and regalia. Please take your time to peruse the items in his sections. The pieces you see might not be available but they are an example of the item and the price. Feel free to contact him with any questions or comments you have. For the current items already crafted, visit his Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HawksPost?section_id=17232795.

Scroll down to get a little insight into this amazing and talented craftsman.

Hawk's Post

Reflections of the Past

Hi my name is Jim. I do Native American style beadwork such as moccasins, dresses, shirts, leggings, all types of bags and rawhide containers, parfleches, drums, etc. I sometimes do ledger art, shields, weapons, quiver and bow cases, war bonnets, clothing of all types, anything in the old or modern style. I hope you enjoy the things I put on here. If you have a special need please feel free to contact me.

I can't tell you when I began to do beadwork or create traditional works of art, all I know is that I was young...just a boy. My mother herself did not do beadwork, but I remember as a child sitting on her lap as she drew beautiful pictures of warriors in their warbonnets and leggings with shields and society lances. Women with long braids and shell covered dresses. So she gave me a spark that became my fire, my passion. She told me to be proud of who and what I was. "Everything you create or make has spirit in it. I hope you understand that." I owe it all to the masters of art who walked before me. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers who created the works of art and tradition that you now see in museums. I honor them and continue to hope they will steer me in the right direction to create beauty and do it in the right way. To make it correctly and be proud of my work. So the honor goes to those who went before me. My heart is in Cheyenne, Lakota, Arapaho, and sometimes Kiowa traditional themes. I give thanks to them and I don't like to make anything exactly a copy but stay within traditional designs and boundaries.
Although I love to work in various mediums like rawhide, weapons, shields, ledger art, beading seems to be my focus. I have talents with making many items in many catagories including: apparel: moccasins, necklaces, medicine bags, chokers, baby and toddler clothing, umbilical cord amulets, and more gender specific pieces as women's leggings, dresses, breastplates, belt kits, fans, and men's shirts, bustles, roaches, and other dance regalia, leggings, breastplates, turbans, and warbonnets. Weapons: lances, shields, quiver and bow case sets, knife sheaths, and war clubs. Other miscellaneous items: pipe bags, rawhide parfleche bags, boxes, and cylinders, rattles, and hand drums. I also like to hand carve elk teeth to compliment many items and create clam shell chokers. I hope you enjoy and can feel the inspiration from our ancestors in each piece that I create.

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