Whether your tastes lean toward traditional and modest or if you consider yourself wild and bold, you will find a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry, accessories, home décor and Native American regalia pieces here!   

    Most of the items can be customized if you require different color, metal, sizes etc. Take bits from this piece and some from that to help design your own personalized creation. Our imagination is the limit!

    Be sure to visit the "Design Ideas" page as the items displayed are pieces already sold or given as gifts. They could lead you to create an amazing design for yourself or a loved one.

    Visit the shop often as new items are frequently added and showcased on the home page. You never know what you might find that will pique your interest.

    Customer service and satisfaction are very important to me, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me for a prompt response.

Tiger's Den Designs

My name is Sue Meding and I am the sole proprietor. I started out many...many years ago with a strong desire to create jewelry and accessories, spending babysitting money and almost all of my "mad" money from jobs buying supplies trying to make the pictures in my head a reality. With not having many people around that could teach me such a trade and the day to day demands of life as I grew older, that fire dwindled to a slow burning ember. Now, because of my supportive family and being blessed with finding my tiyośpaye, I have been able to rekindle that flame and really bring my creations to life! 

A fervent thanks to my tiyośpaye for teaching me the necessary skills not only in craftwork, but in walking the Red Road and honoring my Native American  ancestors. Philámayaye :)

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